A nightclubber was confronted by an armed police officer after he armed himself with a metal pole in the centre of Barnstaple.

Matthew Carr only dropped the pole when he saw the dot of a policeman’s taser on his chest as he threatened another man with the weapon outside the Fever club.

He was kicked over by the officer after dropping the pole and getting on his knees but then reaching forward to try to grab it again.

Carr, aged 28, of Bedford Street, Barnstaple, denied possession of an offensive weapon but was found guilty by a jury at Exeter Crown Court and will be sentenced later this week by Judge David Evans.

Ian Graham, prosecuting, said an officer from an armed response unit was called to the Fever club and saw a man coming round the corner of Alexandra Road with a silvery looking metal pole in his hand.

Carr raised the pole and advanced towards the officer and another man who was stood with him. The officer made eye contact and told him to drop the weapon.

He carried on moving towards him until the officer, who was also carrying a gun, got out his taser and ‘red dotted’ Carr.

He responded by dropping the silver rod and going down on one knee.

The officer moved towards him and knocked him over with a ‘foot strike’ after seeing him reaching for the pole again. Other police then restrained him.

Carr, who is a new father, said he did not have the pole at any stage. He said it was already on the pavement when he was confronted by the police officer.

He said he complied with the demand to kneel down and was then kicked in the face by the police officer. He only noticed the metal pole as he was getting up and being arrested.