Barnstaple homes ‘least likely’ to claim for theft or burglary


- Credit: Archant

Study analysed claims in the UK for the last two years to find ‘lowest risk’ areas, which include Barnstaple.

BARNSTAPLE has been rated as one of the ‘lowest risk’ postcodes for burglary and theft claims in the UK.

According to, the EX31 postcode was in the top 10 ‘lowest risk’ postcode areas.

The data was based on the number of home insurance queries on the website that recorded a claim for burglary per thousand enquiries.

The comparison site analysed claims made in the last two years to come up with the figures, which also highlighted three other postcodes in Devon – TQ3, TQ5 and PL21 as being in the top 10 least likely to claim.

Urban hotspots in London, Leeds and Bradford dominated the other end of the scale as the most likely to have made a claim for theft or burglary from their home or garden.

Hannah Jones, home insurance expert at MoneySupermarket, said: “No matter where your house is, homeowners should take precautions when it comes to security – keeping doors and windows locked when you’re asleep or your home is unoccupied, installing timers on your lights and ensuring items of value are kept away from easy view through windows, are simple things that can reduce risk.

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“Installing a suitable alarm system and having adequate locks on doors and windows could help bring your premium down, as well as increasing security.

“It’s also crucial to ensure your home contents insurance is fully up to date and is at a high enough level to cover all your belongings sufficiently as opportunistic thieves could strike at any time.”

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