Barnstaple family says there is not enough support in North Devon as they launch fundraising walk to help bring families together.

A Barnstaple family is hoping to raise awareness of autism and Tourette’s syndrome in North Devon.

Kelly Toivonen is organising a sponsored walk in March from Barnstaple to Fremington Quay, in aid of Tourettes Action and The National Autistic Society.

She was inspired to come up with the event as her brother, Connor Burden, suffers from both conditions.

She said: “We don’t think there is enough awareness of autism and Tourette’s in North Devon and we hope this will bring families together.

“People think Tourette’s is just swearing but that’s actually only a small part of it.”

Connor’s tourettes means his whole body locks up in attacks which happen weekly, often landing him in A&E.

His mother, Donna Burden, said: “There was a definite lack of support for us and that’s what we want to change.”

Find out more on the ‘tourettes and autism awareness charity walk’ Facebook event.