Consultation is to take place to gauge support for proposals to ban all traffic from roads in Barnstaple town centre during the daytime.

North Devon's Highways and Traffic Orders Committee (HATOC) agreed that subject to support from North Devon Council, all traffic should be banned from entering Cross Street between 10am and 4pm.

Currently vehicles cannot use the road at any time, Monday to Friday, and on Saturday between 10am and 4pm, with an exception for loading, taxis and blue badge holders.

If the consultation responses back the proposals, it would end the exceptions and extend the traffic ban to Sunday's as well.

The proposals seek to end the conflict between pedestrians and vehicles in the short section of High Street between Cross Street and Butchers Row.

It follows a walking tour of Barnstaple with a representative from the Royal National Institute for the Blind that took place in 2017 that identified six highway hazards in the area.

Hazards they identified included taxis on pavements, badly positioned advertising boards, crooked paving and cyclists riding the wrong way up Boutport Street.

They visited again in March this year and the visit found the situation had not really improved.

A consultation to gauge support for the Cross Street proposals will now take place and will take into account views of traders in the area and church authorities, with the results to be reported back to a future North Devon HATOC meeting.