Local couple give up their time to drive up support for the Brexit campaign

A Barnstaple couple are quite happy to sit in traffic on the North Devon Link Road if it means Britain will leave the EU.

Retired driving instructor Ken Praill and his partner Gaynor Parker have been spending several hours each day parked in A361 lay-bys with their car festooned with Vote Leave signs.

And they report passing drivers have been quick to respond with toots and waves of support during their daily double shifts at the pull-in by the Bishops Tawton roundabout.

Ken said: “We are not very politically minded but I think the core issues that are at stake in this referendum are to free ourselves from the bureaucratic dictatorship of Brussels and take back control of running our own affairs.

“So we felt this was something we could do to support the cause.”

Gaynor added: “I always voted Liberal but I think we have to stand our ground and say this is what we believe.

“We are just normal British people with a pragmatic point of view rather than an idealistic one.”

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