A cinema club which has brought classic films back to the big screen is about to celebrate its first birthday.

Barnstaple Classic Cinema Club was born on March 15 last year, the brainchild of film fan Ryan Martin, from Barnstaple.

The 34-year-old had travelled to several classic cinema clubs in London, often doing the trip in one day, and decided he’d try to bring the idea closure to home.

He set up the cinema club with the hope of screening Back to the Future which was successful. Since then the club has shown 17 different films in 20 screenings at Barnstaple Cinema.

The screenings have ranged from cult classics to cartoons, family favourites and rom-coms.

For the films to show successfully, Ryan must sell enough tickets via Our Screen to secure the showing.

The classics show on Tuesday and Sunday evenings, and Ryan said some have been huge hits.

The Lost Boys sold out really fast and we ended up doing screenings in screens one and four, selling 348 tickets,” he said.

Home Alone had three screenings because we couldn’t get the bigger screen and the first two sold out.

“We showed ET on 35mm on the big screen and that was brilliant.”

With its Facebook following growing, the club has become more popular and only 13 screenings have failed – one with only six tickets short of target.

“The big thing for us is people sharing on Facebook, as that is what helps us sell so many tickets,” added Ryan.

“I always greet people and say thank you as they leave and I’m seeing a lot of faces I recognise now that I didn’t know before.

“I love them to bits because if it wasn’t for them buying tickets we probably wouldn’t hit target.

“Each screening there’s a good split of people that have come before and those who have never been which is great.”

The next screenings coming up are: The Little Mermaid on February 17, Road House on February 24; Howl’s Moving Castle on March 3 and Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure on March 10.

Ryan said he hopes the future could include double bills or even all-night screenings, but his dream is to show The Goonies - the film which inspired the club’s birthing in the first place.

To see the latest films being screened and book tickets, follow Barnstaple Classic Cinema Club on Facebook.