The 22-year-old from Barnstaple was caught in the act as he broke into a property while the occupants were asleep in September.

A Barnstaple burglar spent Christmas in prison after being caught in the act by cameras.

Ross Wyborn, 22, from Forches Avenue, Barnstaple, attempted to burgle a house in Salem Street, Barnstaple, in September while the occupants were asleep.

But unwittingly, Wyborn was captured on cameras set up by the home owner.

He pleaded guilty at Exeter Crown Court on Thursday, December 22, and was sentenced to jail for two years and four months.

Detective Constable Terry Hodgson, from Barnstaple CID, said: “Wyborn’s actions in creeping into the victim’s home has left a significant impact on her health and it is my hope that the sentence given by the court helps her to recover from the incident, and to once again feel safe in her own home.

“We ask that people remain vigilant and to look out for each other; if you see anything suspicious then always report it as the information could prove vital to any investigation.

“This type of crime is uncommon and I am pleased to see the courts hand down a strong sentence in this case. North Devon will be a safer place this Christmas with Wyborn in prison.”