If you are male and went to school in Barnstaple between 1939 and 1972 wearing a green and black tie, then you now qualify as a Barnstaple Boys Secondary Modern School Old Boy.

As such you have the opportunity of meeting up with other 'Old Boys' at the Barnstaple Rugby Club and the school annual reunion this Saturday (June 8).

The reunion has grown from strength-to-strength despite the former students maturity, some in their 90s, and offers the chance to relive what for some might be the best days of their lives.

In fact some are travelling thousands of miles to attend. Many of the former students have been the backbone of North Devon's prosperity.

Tony Freeman, who has helped organise the event, said: "While many that attended the grammar school moved away from the area after their education, those that attended the Barnstaple Boys Secondary Modern School in the main stayed in the area, becoming the skilled workforce that helped the area prosper.

"Although many have now retired their legacy continues, having passed on their skills from generation to generation.

"The reunions only began a few years ago after old boy Gerald Thorne had the inspiration of gathering a few old school friends together and promoting the idea.

"From what started as a gathering of a few dozen developed to more than two hundred when the word started to spread."

It is hoped years' reunion will break all records, having already had replies from former students well into their 80s and beyond. It is a great chance to meet up and renew or make new friends who have been proud to wear the tie.