Bystanders rushed to help those in need during a busy Monday in North Devon

Police have praised North Devon people for their quick actions helping catch a suspected robber and attending to a mum in need.

It happened in two separate incidents on Monday – the first saw a group of bystanders tackle and hold a suspected robber in Barnstaple.

The male suspect, who is believed to have snatched a handbag, was chased and caught by people on The Strand, who held him until officers arrived.

In a separate incident on the same day, public-spirited helpers came forward to assist after a mother of three young children suffered a ‘significant’ medical episode at Wilder Road in Ilfracombe.

The lady, who had been visiting the town, was taken to hospital, leaving the children in need of care.

Chief Inspector Ryan Doyle praised the actions of the public in both cases and said it showed how important their support was.

“The group of people in Barnstaple showed great courage in their response that led to the arrest of a male for robbery,” he said.

“The kind people who helped my officers in caring for the lady in Ilfracombe and the poor children who were very upset, showed real compassion in setting aside their time to assist.

“One of the reasons I love to work in North Devon is because of the fantastic support we get from members of the local community.”