Barnstaple’s Asda store has been celebrating the NHS’s 70th birthday with a special tea party.

Staff from Northern Devon NHS Hospital Trust were invited to the Barnstaple store for the NHS 7Tea Party on Friday.

They were greeted with drinks, sandwiches, cakes and balloons, and the store's cafe was lined with old pictures of the North Devon Infirmary.

The store was also raising money for hospital charity Over and Above.

Asda's community champion, Walter Moore, said: "It is a wonderful service that everyone needs now and again, no matter who you are.

"They work incredibly hard to look after us and this is a way of saying thank you.

"We really do appreciate all the hard work they do. I don't think we can do enough and say thank you enough."

Ian Roome, Over and Above's head of fundraising and volunteering, said: "We would like to say thank you very much to Walter and his team as Asda for supporting the NHS's 70th birthday celebrations.

"It goes a long way to know that the community supports its local health service, and the staff who work within it who are dedicated to helping patients and their families."