Repairs to Barnstaple’s Albert Clock are set to cost around £2,000 after the historic clock fell victim to ‘senseless’ vandalism.

The chime of the iconic clock in the Square has been broken since August, when someone kicked their way into the clock, climbed inside the Grade II listed tower and damaged the bell and rewind mechanisms.

The clock’s age means the specialist replacement parts need to be hand-made, and will cost Barnstaple Town Council as much as £2,000.

The council said it hoped the clock would be chiming again in the next three-to-four weeks.

A Facebook post from Barnstaple Town Council said: “We have received a few comments about our Albert Clock not chiming, it was especially noticed [on Remembrance Day] at 11am, when it should have marked out a time of reflection. A sound that was missed, a sound that was taken away from the people of Barnstaple by senseless vandalism.”

Built in 1862 to commemorate the death of Prince Albert, the affectionately-named ‘Four-Faced Liar’ – so called because each of the tower’s four faces tells a slightly different time – the clock tower has seen Barnstaple evolve around it.