Charity marks occasion with small celebration

A Barnstaple charity shop is celebrating fifteen years of fundraising in aid of the UK’s most vulnerable children.

Barnardo’s has received hundreds of thousands of pounds from local people since opening the High Street store in 1998.

In the last year alone, residents offered more than a thousand bags of clothes, books and other items, and more than 600 customers were signed up for Gift Aid.

But Barnstaple shop manager Lorraine Cowlard, who is helped by sales assistant Julie Copp and a team of nine volunteers, called for more donations to come through the door.

“We are delighted to have reached such a major milestone and are sincerely grateful to everyone in Barnstaple who supports us, either through donating their unwanted items or volunteering their time in the shop.

“Thanks to their generosity, the charity has raised many hundreds of thousands of pounds.

“We’ve got a fantastic team of volunteers so we wanted to arrange a small celebration to show our appreciation for their dedication and commitment

“We’re very short on donations and would always welcome more, as well as volunteers.

“Working together, we are helping young people to turn their lives around.”