Bar’s board goes to museum

A woman who grew up belly-boarding in North Devon has donated her board to a local surfing museum.

A 91-year-old former belly-boarder has donated her prized board to the Museum of British Surfing in Braunton.

Barbara Bowring purchased the wooden board at Gales Sport Shop in Bideford, ‘many years ago’.

Barbara, who is known to her friends as ‘Bar’, donated the board to the Museum’s founder and director, Pete Robinson.

She said: “I used to surf quite a lot when I was younger, but now at nearly 92 with two false hips it’s not such a good idea.

“I saw most of the boards in the museum were stand-up boards and I didn’t want mine to go to waste; it is so nice to have a surf museum and I admire him getting those boards together.”

The board will be on display in the museum, which is open Tues-Sun, 11am–5pm.

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