Bag it and bin it

Our local Bideford footpath is constantly being contaminated by dog’s mess.

The culprits (the dogs’ irresponsible owners) seem oblivious of the fact that this path is in regular use by local schoolchildren and their parents.

While the majority of local dog owners are responsible, there remains a hard core of individuals who allow their dogs to foul indiscriminately and refuse to pick up after them.

Furthermore there are those that do pick up, then dump their filled bags on the footpath, unable to walk the 100 yards to a bin or take it home and bin it.

Polite notices from the local authority – threatening fines – have no impact on these individuals, some of whom are so offended by the notices that they have at times removed them !

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Dog’s mess littering is unsightly, unhealthy, unwarranted and unwanted.

The antisocial individuals responsible must get the message: Bag it and bin it.

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If they can’t heed this simple and sensible request, it is patently obvious that they are not sufficiently responsible to own a dog.

David McLellan


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