Bad for community

Until now I have not been able to take part in the Fremington Army Camp application because, as a resident who will be affected by the proposed development, and as a member of the North Devon Council planning committee, I’ve been effectively gagged under the Localism Bill for having a prejudicial interest.

Now that the planning inspector’s decision has been announced I feel that I should, and must, voice my feelings on behalf of my neighbours and those residents that will be impacted by the decision that says the access to Fremington Army Camp is safe and appropriate. It is surely not.

I am deeply concerned at the outcome of this appeal which reads as being designed to fit with the coalition government’s directive about increasing the number of new builds to aid economic recovery.

The appeal was lodged with real and genuine concerns that the access to the development is not safe and that an acceptable alternative should be sought.

The fears and legally founded objections of residents and that of St Peter’s Church have been sidelined by the Inspectorate who has now given the green light to the proposed new junction, which will irrevocably alter the heart of Fremington beyond all recognition, in order that a huge profit may be generated by the developer.

Without a doubt this will have a deeply negative impact on our community.

Cllr Chris Turner

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