It seems the baby puffin - or ‘puffling’ - had veered a little off-course from its home on Lundy Island, when it was discovered on the beach at Woolacombe.

A baby puffin was rescued from Woolacombe beach after being blown over from its island home.

The 'puffling' was discovered on the beach in a secluded spot, and appeared to be in distress.

The lady who discovered the baby bird called North Devon Animal Ambulance, and Diana Lewis set off to find the spot.

The baby puffin is thought to have blown over from Lundy Island. Picture: North Devon Animal Ambulance.The baby puffin is thought to have blown over from Lundy Island. Picture: North Devon Animal Ambulance.

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It took Diana a mile-or-so of walking before she found the right spot, and discovered the bird was a baby puffin.

A spokesman for the animal ambulance charity said: "Diana was able to get the little beauty into the carrier, with little fuss, and the children enjoyed helping her carry it back to the ambulance.

"The bird just seemed tired and hungry, but thankfully uninjured.

"Diana took him back to our Special Care Unit, where our vet recommended he was taken to a specialist, so he was sent off to West Hatch Wildlife Hospital for checks.

"The specialist there agreed it was a young puffin, and by the location it had been found, it had probably been blown over from Lundy Island, where there is a vibrant colony of Puffins."

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Lundy island warden Dean Woodfin-Jones said it was quite common for newly-fledged birds to get lost on their travels at sea.

He said: "I know there have been a few Puffin rescued off Lundy in the past but I think the last on was in 2013.

"This involved three fouled birds (oiled feathers I think) which were rehabilitated and released off Lundy again."

The little puffling is now resting and being fed up for a few days before he can be returned to Lundy Island and reunited with his family.