Ask for the truth

In reply to MC Williams (“Town’s in a state”, Opinion, May 22) I would like to correct part of his letter.

I can symphathise with his thoughts on the way Barnstaple looks in certain areas.

But his comments about me with regard to the application for a supermarket and housing on the Anchorwood land are incorrect due to a report in another publication.

It was a shame that MC Williams had not been at the meeting as I said that “I was probably one of only a few of the members on the planning committee to have read all of the 130 pages sent to us on the application.”

I haven’t put at risk any matched funding. I wouldn’t dream of passing judgement on an application that I hadn’t completely read.

I will not be “stepping aside” as I have done nothing to discredit that committee or myself.

So please Mr/Mrs Williams, if you want to approach any member of the committee and ask for the truth, I don’t mind.

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Councillor Jasmine Chesters


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