The species, which is a threat to honey bee colonies, was discovered in Woolacombe in September.

An outbreak of Asian hornets first discovered in Woolacombe has been successfully contained.

Defra said no further live Asian hornets have been discovered since the nest in Woolacombe was treated with pesticide and removed earlier this month.

Although posing no risk to humans, the hornet species is a threat to honey bee colonies.

Nicola Spence, Defra deputy director for plant and bee health, said:

“I am pleased our well-established protocol to contain Asian hornets has worked so effectively in Devon.

“We remain vigilant, however, and will continue to monitor the situation and encourage people to look out for any Asian hornet nests.

“Members of the public are a vital tool in spotting Asian hornets and we urge people to report any potential sightings through the Asian hornet app or online.”

Following the discovery of the nest in Woolacombe in September, a two-mile surveillance zone was set up to track the hornets, while the Animal and Plant Health Agency opened a local control centre.

It is possible Asian hornets could reappear in the UK and members of the public alongside the nation’s beekeepers are urged to report any suspected sightings.