Artistic lesson

A family from up north were having their annual holiday at Woolacombe.

The three-and-a-half-year-old daughter was a really bright lass. She learned the alphabet from the television because her parents were fans of Countdown and repeated the letter when Rachel said them.

One afternoon she was helping her father build what she hoped was the world’s biggest sandcastle when she suddenly said “Mummy, where did I come from?”

Mummy was taken aback and regaining her composure, said to her daughter: “Daddy planted a seed in mummy’s tummy and that became you”.

Then Daddy said: “If we go to Ilfracombe there is a large statue on the pier and you can see what you would have looked like”. “Ooh, yes please.”

So the following day a trip to Ilfracombe went ahead. Parking on the pier they walked to the right hand of the statue. Looking up the kiddy said: “Wow, was that really me?”

End of biology lesson.

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Dalton Raby, Ilfracombe

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