Lord Sugar might be back on our televisions looking for his next apprentice tonight (Wednesday) - but perhaps he should be looking in North Devon.

The area can boast of 830 people starting on genuine apprenticeship schemes in the nine months to April this year, according to the Department for Education.

Some 470 people in North Devon and 360 in Torridge embarked on apprenticeships in this time, with 330 in North Devon and 240 in Torridge achieving an apprenticeship qualification over the same period.

Just like Lord Sugar’s hopefuls, it seems the apprentices of North Devon and Torridge also harbour ambitions to conquer the business world.

The most popular subject area chosen by the apprentices were business, administration and law and health, public services and care.

The next most in-demand subject areas were retail and commercial enterprise in North Devon, and engineering and manufacturing technologies, and business, administration and law, in Torridge.

As well as enthusiastic apprentices, there are many enterprising entrepreneurs in North Devon and Torridge too.

According to the Office of National Statistics (ONS), micro-businesses make up almost 90 per cent of enterprises in North Devon and Torridge.

In March 2018, there were 4,395 active local micro-businesses - defined as employers of fewer than 10 people - in North Devon and 3,305 in Torridge.

Out of these, 86 per cent in North Devon and 87 per cent in Torridge had fewer than five employees.

Self-employed people, who make up an estimated 76 per cent of all private sector businesses, are not counted in the figures.