Jeff Pavitt and Gary Stanbury, of Appledore lifeboat station, have both passed out following their coxswain training.

Appledore RNLI has welcomed two new deputy second coxswains.

Jeff Pavitt and Gary Stanbury have both passed out following their coxswain training.

This increases the number of volunteer crew members who can take coxswain’s duty to five at Appledore RNLI, alleviating pressure on the station and enabling the first and second coxswains take some time off when needed.

Jeff Pavitt follows in his father’s footsteps; John Pavitt was second coxswain and mechanic at Appledore lifeboat station for 19 years before he had to retire from the active crew on age grounds.

He is now chairman of Appledore RNLI and said: “I am very proud of Jeff.

“It is a real achievement to reach coxswain standard and has taken Jeff years of hard work, following a stringent training routine to get there.”

Gary Stanbury added: “It has been hard work and has only been possible to reach this standard due to the excellent and continuous on-going training by the RNLI and all the help and support from all those at the station.”

Coxswain training covers boat handling, navigation, rescue, leadership skills and more.