Appledore residents bid to safeguard land

Village green plan is Appledore residents’ bid to safeguard land

APPLEDORE residents are bidding to create a new village green – to safeguard a piece of local land from possible development.

More than 20 people are behind an application to the Devon Land Registry to have the near one acre of land known locally as Back Field designated as a village green.

The land behind the Tomouth housing estate was never developed when the rest of Tomouth was built in 1945, said local man Peter Reveley.

Since then it had been used for a variety of recreational purposes, including by the local children.

“It was transferred from the ownership of the district council to Tarka Housing, when they took over the former council house stock. We are now getting nervous that they may at some time want to build on it, so are hoping to get it designated as a village green to protect it,” he said.

“We understand that to do so we must have proof of its use for at least 20 years, without the permission of the landowners. I can go back 60 years and we have more than 20 others who have also signed declarations,” he said.

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Mark Richards of Tomouth said he had been born at one end of the terrace and now lived at the other.

“This piece of land has been in use here since I was born. I am 60 now and always played on the site,” he said.

“We have people who have known it for 60-70 years and others who have only come here in the past few years, all of whom have used it. It has been used for football, bonfires and all sorts of other things.

“There are other bits of land around here that have been sold and built on. But if we can get Devon County Council to designate this as a green field, it will remain safe.”

The residents’ application is now being advertised and anyone who has reason to object has until December 7 to do so.

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