Youngsters get stuck in to workshop with Appledore Fish Summer School to learn about local catch.

Children at Appledore Primary School got stuck into a cookery lesson on local, sustainable fish.

The youngsters whipped up fish pies and mackerel pâté using the finest fish landed just down the 

Reactions from the children were all positive too – with many saying they had been sceptical of trying the fish but the results of their cooking were ‘delicious’.

Felicity Sylvester and Vicky Humphries, from the Appledore Fish Summer School group, ran the workshop with year five pupils.

Felicity said: “We’ve talked to the children about using sustainable fish, such as pollock instead of cod.

“They’ve had a chance to prepare it and most of them have been pleasantly surprised by how much they liked it.”

Headteacher Jeremy Cooper said: “Something we’re really trying to drive at this school is awareness of local tradition and culture.

“We live in a traditional fishing area so it’s great for the children to learn about what’s happening around them.”

Julie McMorine, deputy head teacher, added: “They’ve had a chance to really get involved – feeling the fish, smelling it, tasting it.

“Hopefully, now, when they go with their parents to the supermarket, they will be a bit more curious about the fresh fish counter.

“It’s also helping to drive home the healthy eating message.”

For more information about sustainable fish events throughout the summer, contact Felicity on or 07772 781669.