Zoë Mackay Brent, from Appledore, has shared some of her favourite images of North Devon on our new iwitness24 website. Check them out here.

Fiery sky, Appledore.Fiery sky, Appledore.

Stunning sunsets and glorious landscapes are just some of the specialities of one Appledore photographer.

Zoë Mackay Brent, pictured right, submitted this array of photos to our new photo-sharing platform, iwitness24.

Standing tall.Standing tall.

Zoë said she only really shares her images with friends, so was excited to showcase them on iwtiness24 and the Gazette.

She said: “I have always loved the outdoors and am particularly inspired by the natural world and the colours, perspective and views it brings. I am also drawn to more architectural subjects. I am a purely amateur photographer and mainly use my phone to capture images; it is always with me so if something catches my eye, I’m ready.

Pebbles, Westward Ho!Pebbles, Westward Ho!

“I love photographing the beautiful sunsets we see in this area. My friends have nicknamed me Not Another Sunset Studios.”

Zoë recently saw a ‘green flash’ from Appledore, which she called the ‘holy grail’ for sunset fans.

High tide.High tide.

“Although I didn’t capture this in a picture, it is forever logged in my ‘happy bank’,” she said.

“I take photographs to record the amazing world around me; looking back at my pictures makes me feel thankful that I get to be a part of it.”

Resting, Appledore.Resting, Appledore.

For a chance to be featured in the Gazette, share your photos at northdevon.iwitness24.co.uk

Shining through, Westward Ho!Shining through, Westward Ho!

Pebbles, Westward Ho!Pebbles, Westward Ho!


Standing tall.Standing tall.

Mirror, mirror, Westward Ho!Mirror, mirror, Westward Ho!

In a row.In a row.