Appledore lifeboat’s three calls in a week

It has been a busy time for Appledore lifeboat, with three emergencies last week - to rescue potentially drowning sheep, a sinking pleasure boat and a fouled commercial fishing boat.

On Monday, July 12, came a call from Swansea Coastguard to say some sheep were cut off by the tide half a mile up river from Chivenor.

The inshore rescue boat was launched, but the sheep must have saved themselves as the crew found no sign of them, despite an extensive search.

Next day the all-weather lifeboat Mollie Hunt was launched in response to a call for help from a Welsh pleasure boat, the 32 foot Estedor 2, which had hit an underwater object at the north end of Lundy.

Four people were on board and the boat was beginning to take on water. The striken vessel was towed back to Appledore and arrangements were made for the vessel to be lifted from the water for inspection and repair.

Early on Thursday morning the all-weather boat was called into action again, following a call for help from the Bruno of Sutton, a local commercial fishing boat with two people on board. She had fouled her propeller in a large amount of netting and could not get free of the obstruction.

The Mollie Hunt towed her to Clovelly, where the boats waited until the tide had risen sufficiently for a safe tow over the bar into Appledore in the afternoon.

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