Appledore lifeboat launches lifejackets appeal

A new fundraising appeal is being launched in Appledore to enable lifeboat crews to have improved, new design lifejackets.

For many years Appledore RNLI, together with all other lifeboat stations around Great Britain and Ireland, have been appealing to the public to wear lifejackets at all times they are on the water.

Almost every day one lifeboat station or another comes across instances where they witness lifejackets saving people’s lives, or situations where a life could have been saved if only a lifejacket had been worn.

Since the days of the first cork lifejackets back in 1854 the RNLI has always looked to advance and improve its own safety equipment and has recently been working in close collaboration with a leading lifejacket manufacturer to further improve today’s lifejackets.

The crew from Appledore Lifeboat station, one of the busiest within the South West and Bristol Channel, have been involved in the trials.

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Two brand new designs of lifejackets, one to be worn on the all-weather boat, and one for the inshore lifeboat, should be made available to every RNLI boat based crew member by the end of 2012.

But providing this safety clothing costs money.

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Appledore needs to raise �9,000 to kit out its crew with the new lifejackets and the station has set up a fund specifically for Appledore lifejackets, with some of its fundraising efforts in 2012 exclusively allocated to this.

These will be advertised locally beforehand and published in the Appledore station’s 2012 calendar of events, which will be available soon.

The first will be a coffee morning at the lifeboat station on January 28 from 10am to 1pm as the station supports the major RNLI fund raiser Save Our Souls Day.

If anyone would like to hold a coffee morning or organise any kind of event to help achieve the target in 2012, the station will offer whatever support it can. Call (01237) 473969 or email

If any organisation is looking for a guest speaker, Appledore RNLI will be happy to organise this, too, particularly during the winter months.

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