Ten-year-old choosen to lead carnival royalty in Appledore.

APPLEDORE has chosen its carnival royalty ahead of the big event on Sunday, August 10.

Ellen Keirle, aged 10, was chosen at the Carnival Queen Disco with her two attendants Tilly Lee, eight, and Ellie Saltearn, eight.

The two fairy queens will be Lily Boulton, six and Claira Weeks, five and the young pirate will be Leon Bailey, aged six.

The carnival will take place at 4pm with road closures from 3.45pm.

Free parking will be available in Churchfields and in Skern Lodge.

The after carnival party will be held at The Royal and the Coach and Horses in Market Street straight after the carnival has finished.

There will be children’s entertainment, food, live music, a disco, displays and fireworks at 9.30pm.

For more information on an entry form call Teresa on 07854 623710.