A mother-of-four is crowd-funding to buy a specially-adapted mobility car so her children can spend more time with their severely disabled father.

Alex Wood, 39, suffered a brain injury playing rugby seven-years-ago, and now lives in a care home more than an hour away from the family home in Northam.

Tamsyn Wood, 40, is now hoping to raise £20,000 to buy the special vehicle, because the one she currently has is being taken away as Alex is no longer entitled to it.

Tamsyn said because he has been in a care home long-term, Alex is deemed as 'no longer needing' the vehicle, even though it will severely impact her and her family.

Tamsyn is now desperate to get funding for a special extension on the family home too, so that Alex can live with her and their four children.

"It's horrific and tragic, and it will haunt us for the rest of our lives, but the only way I can deal with it, is that you also have to look at what it's done for us in a positive sense," she said.

"If you dwell on the hurt and the grief, how will you live your life?

"What has happened to Alex is a good example of how quickly life can change."

The family was living in France 'in search of the good life' when Alex, who was training to become a personal fitness instructor, was injured while playing rugby.

He suffered a subsequent brain bleed and has had two life-threatening surgeries since, one of which he was only given a 30 per cent chance of surviving.

Tamsyn said the injury 'shattered' their lives, and now she wants to be able to bring Alex, who was an avid surfer, back to live near the sea.

Their four children, Monty (14), Lola (13), Mitzi (11), and Esmie (nine) are desperately supporting her fundraising efforts for the mobility vehicle.

Tamsyn added: "So far we've raised over £5,000. I think the one donation which touched me the most was one someone made for £2.

"All of the donations are incredible but to think someone had barely nothing, but they wanted to give so much they donated that £2, is just beautiful."

Visit the crowdfunding appeal and donate here: https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/alex-wood-1 or join the Making Waves for Alex Facebook group.