Animal tragic

Having just watched our fabulous national treasure on Sunday evening – the unique and wonderful David Attenborough – I was in a state of euphoria with his series Africa.

His sense of understanding and compassion for all animals was clear to see – but the closing shots of David with a small, blind baby rhino was beyond words and brought tears to the eyes.

It was so very reminiscent of his unique films decades ago when he laid down with those now famous gorillas!

I was brought back to earth with the cold and unpleasant realities of life with the BBC News that followed Africa.

The call for a cull to control urban foxes! Then the international criminal conspiracy regarding horse meat in our burgers. Few seem to be addressing the cruelty taking place in horse slaughterhouses.

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Is it too uncomfortable to contemplate, or don’t we care? We are not like the French! Our culture towards horses and other animals is different.

Is it civilised to eat our pet pony or dog? Even meat eaters might draw a line at eating whales and dolphin, baby elephant or panda meat. Would it really be acceptable for giants like Red Rum, Shergar or The Emperor to wind up as dog meat or burgers?

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We are wiping out our wildlife – for greed, sport, food or destroying habitat. What message are we giving our children? Must every species be sacrificed for humans – for our never ending desire for energy and power?

The Atlantic Array will have a devastating effect on all marine mammals. Some have learned nothing from Fullabrook. RWE npower and their political friends are desperately trying to mobilise support in the face of massive opposition from the overwhelming majority of the people of North Devon.

Be cautious where you place your vote in the May elections.

Joanne Bell

West Yelland

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