The Reverend Ken Mathers - aka Anglo Indian Chef - will be taking his curry kits from Bideford to China for food awards ceremony.

An Anglican priest who is a dab-hand at curry has been invited to attend the food equivalent of the Oscars.

The Reverend Ken Mathers, 61, from Bideford, will be cooking at the prestigious Gourmand International Food Wine and Cookbook Awards in Yantai, China next June.

This is because as well as being an ordained Anglican minister, Mr Mathers owns Bideford-based, curry-kit company Anglo Indian Chef.

Mr Mathers was chosen to cook at the awards after cook-book author Jenny Mallin tried one of his award-winning curries, and recommended him to the organisers.

The Gourmand International awards will put Anglo Indian Curry kits centre stage in front of international food manufacturers, connoisseurs and critics.

Mr Mathers said. "I'm thrilled that my first visit to China will be to present and cook at such a prestigious event, and frankly a bit overwhelmed.

"I've been making and selling the curry kits for seven years, winning regional awards and hoping to come to the attention of the right manufacturer or big retailer.

"I'm absolutely confident in my curries and intend to make the most of this opportunity.

"It has sometimes seemed that we were Devon's best kept secret, but it doesn't look like that will be the case much for much longer."