North Devon man survived on 50p a day to raise £250 for the charity Send A Cow.

Mole Valley Farmers’ head of retail marketing, Andy Skarzynski, has successfully survived the five-day ‘live below the line’ challenge to raise money for charity.

Andy raised £250 for Send a Cow by subsisting on just 50p’s worth of food and drink a day.

“The real problem was trying to survive with no real coffee!” said Andy.

“My diet consisted of nothing more than 1.5kg of value range pasta and 1kg of frozen peas for the five days, which makes a big pot of very boring, but ultimately OK, sustenance.

“The experience did drive home the message of how, in our affluent society, we take for granted the incredible amount of choice, freedom and ultimately wealth with regard to food and daily spending.

“I would certainly recommend the experience to others, as a quick and easy way of ‘resetting the dial’.”

The sponsor money raised will go directly to communities in Burundi and, within months, will help them grow food to feed their families. Send a Cow was set up in 1988 by Christian dairy farmers to help to get milk to Uganda.

Mole Valley Farmers will support the charity again when they share the stand at the North Devon Show on August 5. Visit for more information.