An Olympian feat

Some thoughts on the 2012 Olympics...

I did not hear the enormous bang or see the terrifying upheavals taking place as the 2012 Olympic facilities and events – not planned, debated or discussed – took shape over many millennia.

It absolutely amazes me that such an orderly and scattered process could ever come together without anyone, any intelligence, wisdom, knowledge or power, to start it, sustain it, control it, and bring it to such a wonderful state.

How marvellous it is that simply by accident, not design, all the component players, individually and collectively, could be assembled, without some form of controller, planner or organiser.

It seems impossible that the timing, sequences, competitions and competitors can, without any supervision whatsoever, be at the right place and at the right time to provide such a “seamless” opening ceremony and the events which followed.

How did anybody know what was to happen next, and thereby prevent a most disappointing and disastrous catastrophe from occurring?

How amazing that the land at Stratford was not only suddenly available, but that the vital buildings and necessary structures just appeared, without architect, planners, advisers or builders.

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How was it that the running lanes, the swimming pools, the road links, the exits and entrances, should all be in their places, when no one and nothing but chance, or an accident, was their originator.

Added to all this, it is mind-blowing that people, not just from the United Kingdom but from almost all over this world, should gather, as spectators or competitors, just at the right time and to this right place, not before the competition but upon it, when all was ready for them, their new and temporary environment exactly suited to their requirements and needs.

It really seems impossible, if not totally untrue!

“In the beginning, God created the heaven and the earth” – Genesis, chapter 1, verse 1.

Jonathan Evans

Town Mission


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