Amusement arcade donates to gambling charity

A Bideford amusement arcade is helping support those with gambling problems

A Bideford amusements arcade has made a donation to a charity tackling gambling problems.

The GREaT Foundation received the donation from Braddicks Amusements Ltd in Bideford to help support research, education and treatment of socially responsible gambling.

Marc Etches, Chief Executive of GREaT, said: “For a few – less than 1% of adults in Britain – gambling excessively beyond their personal financial means causes harm to themselves and their dependents. Braddicks Amusements Ltd recognises this fact and we are extremely grateful for the support it gives to our charity.”

Graham Braddick, Director of Braddicks Amusements Ltd, added: “We are proud to support the work of The GREaT Foundation and, in displaying our GREaT Donor window sticker, we hope that the general public will realise that at Braddicks Amusements Ltd we take social responsibility and the welfare of our customers very seriously.”

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