Amazing African experience

Barnstaple woman visits Rwanda to see the work of the Send a Cow charity.

A VOLUNTEER from North Devon has returned from an ‘amazing’ trip to Africa after working with the charity Send a Cow.

Carole Dean, of Loxhore, near Barnstaple, has been involved with Send a Cow for six years and decided to pay for her own 10 day trip to Rwanda.

She said, “I can’t wait to go back there and money permitting I will go back as soon as possible, the locals were so happy.”

Carole was especially inspired by a lady called Godreva, who because of the sales of vegetables from a ‘keyhole garden’, set up by the charity, was able to put her children through school and university.

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A keyhole garden is a type of small kitchen garden that recycles as it grows and resembles the shape of a keyhole.

Send a Cow also teaches locals about farming techniques and provides a group of agricultural workers with pregnant cows so as to ensure long term benefits.

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“I’ve seen first hand what our help and support means for poor families in Rwanda; a gift like a keyhole can make a world of difference,” added Carole.

Carole will be holding a free presentation about her and journey and the charity at 7.30pm on July 20 at Loxhore village hall.

For more information on the charity, visit or call 01225 874222.

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