Walkers claim there have been several ‘close calls’ with military vehicles using the beach for training

It is feared military vehicles using Saunton Sands beach could cause an accident after near misses were reported.

Braunton Councillor Jasmine Chesters said several people had complained to her of ‘close calls’ with vehicles and it is alleged one had even crashed into a dog litter bin.

Mrs Chesters said people had always understood the military were not allowed on the first mile of the beach by the slipway, but said it appeared they had now been granted full access.

A Ministry of Defence spokesman disputed this and told the Gazette: “The MOD has been granted access to the entire beach at Saunton Sands for military training for more than 20 years.”

But Mrs Chesters said: “It’s always been known they couldn’t come within a mile of the slipway.

“With people walking they may not always see them behind and there have been one or two close calls. I am appalled if it has been allowed because there’s no way they should have been given that right.

“I know they have got to practice somewhere, but not there, it’s a holiday area. I worry if they are going to be using it in the summer when we have families and holidaymakers there.”

The MoD spokesman added: “All training troops are reminded to be careful when accessing the beach.”

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