Abusive motorists

We have a really nice lollipop man who covers the Clovelly Road crossing that serves Pynes Nursery, Pynes Infants School and West Croft Primary School.

If there’s no guard, the cars don’t stop till someone takes pity on the people waiting.

I have had to almost threaten to step out for a child, so that they could cross when there was no guard, even though I didn’t want to cross.

If the guard is there (and mainly he is) to help stop the traffic, he gets a gob full from various drivers. If they are going to be late they should get up earlier, start out earlier and maybe seek an alternative route.

It is a 20 mph limit, but it’s rare to find anyone doing that. The drivers tend to treat it as optional.

I went to those schools as a child, as did my mother, and the road was dangerous then. Now from sheer volume of traffic and the attitude of the drivers it’s even worse!

Why should the man who looks out for our children be abused for doing a good job? Why can’t the abusive drivers read the Highway Code? And why should he put up with aggression from ignorant people?

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I have seen people overshoot the crossing because they were going too fast and rev their engines while waiting.

I’m writing this to show my support for a good person who looks out for our children and who literally puts his life at risk so that children and parents don’t have to.

E Walker


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