Marwood teenager is off to top drama school this September

A young performer from North Devon with West End ambitions has overcome huge challenges to win a place at a top London drama school.

Aaron Hunt, 18, is setting off this month to study musical theatre at Bird College after being offered a place on the spot following his audition.

It is a huge achievement and doubly so as he has battled dyslexia, dyspraxia and Attention Deficiency Disorder (ADD) throughout his school years.

Aaron endured a torrid time at several local schools as they struggled to deal with his learning needs.

After watching his brother in college shows he caught the theatre bug and at age 13 started going to the Stagecoach drama school in Barnstaple.

He has appeared in several shows for Barnstaple Young Generation, including Fame, Cats and most recently Les Miserables, playing the policeman Javert.

The theatre and the past two years at Petroc have really helped to transform his life and now he hopes his time at Bird will be the next step on to the London West End stage.

“If I hadn’t got into drama I wouldn’t be going where I am now,” he said.

“Maybe I would have been in the wrong crowd of people and end up with no goals in life. Because my brothers have done so well, I feel I have pressure on me to do well, so I want to shine and make my parents proud.”

Parents Julie and dad David are proud and Julie said Aaron had come so far: “He struggled at school, he was left in a corner or locked out of the class. But he was certainly very gifted and taught himself to play the piano.

“It doesn’t matter what challenges you face in life -– if you want something bad enough then you can achieve it.”