A £2.2million scheme to improve the safety of one of North Devon’s main roads is set to be agreed next week.

The propsals include Lynton Cross becoming a roundabout. Picture: DCCThe propsals include Lynton Cross becoming a roundabout. Picture: DCC

Devon County Council has been awarded the money to from the Department for Transport’s Safer Roads Fund to improve the A3123 at Lynton Cross.

Its cabinet is set to meet via videolink on Wednesday, April 8 to approve the design of the scheme.

If approved, works are expected to begin later this year and their cost is expected to fall within the £2.2m funding awarded.

The proposals include a new roundabout at Lynton Cross which would replace the existing crossroads.

Minor works will take place at Hore Down Gate to improve the alignment of the junction. Other plans include the intended closure of Oxenpark Lane up to its connection with the B3230 to overcome safety concerns.

The council has already taken steps to improve the safety of the A3123 at Berry Down Cross following recent crashes.

A new speed limit has been introduced, as well as high friction surfacing and solar-powered road studs which stay illuminated throughout the hours of darkness. New signs, which are activated by vehicles approaching at excessive speed, also warn drivers of the upcoming bend and the advisable maximum speed of 20mph.

The A3123, which connects the North Devon Link Road to Woolacombe and Ilfracombe, was identified as one of the 50 most dangerous A roads in the country in 2016.

Between 2012 and 2016, the A3123 had 27 collisions along the route, of which three were fatal or led to serious injuries, and there are three known collision clusters on the route at Hore Down Gate, Lynton Cross and Berry Down Cross.

Due to the coronavirus outbreak, the meeting will take place ‘virtually’ via videolink, following legislation having been passed by the Government that allows councils to conduct committee meetings remotely.

In his report to cabinet, Dave Black, Head of Planning, Transportation and Environment, said: “This project is in line with Devon’s Road Safety Vision that every route and every mode should be available to everyone, free from risk or fear of harm.

“The three accident clusters at Hore Down Gate, Lynton Cross and Berry Down Cross experienced collisions related to the presence poorly aligned junctions and associated intervehicle conflict

“The DfT time limited funding will allow Devon to improve the A3123’s safety at Hore Down Gate, Lynton Cross and Berry Down Cross where a number of people have been, and continue to be, injured, plus, an improvement of the junction between Oxenpark Lane and the B3230.”