Company says new app with real-time information and in-app payment will ‘help Barnstaple evolve’

A Barnstaple taxi firm is pledging to modernise North Devon by bringing out a new app.

A1 Taxi Service has launched its app, which gives real-time information for customers looking to book a taxi with the company based on their location.

The app is similar to Uber, showing your location and those of available taxis. The user gets given an estimate of their waiting time, as well as how much the fare will be once they’ve put in their destination.

Users can also pay for the fare via the app once they have registered a card.

A1 owners Zak and Monz Rahman believe it is the first of its kind in the area and said the app will ‘help Barnstaple evolve’.

Monz said: “It’s bringing us up to date with modern times. So much is online now and more people are on their phones and the internet, and we are updating our company to reflect that.

“The main reason we’ve done all this is because there’s a demand for it in North Devon.

Zac added: “You’ve got Uber in bigger cities, why should we be any different in North Devon? We are just as important and have plenty of people visit the area.

“It makes us more accessible to customers and for security reasons it’s a lot more effective.”

The A1 Taxi Service app is available for iOS users on The App Store and for Android Users via Google Play.