A wonderful ward

We have a wonderful facility in Bideford for anyone who needs it – it is the stroke rehabilition ward at Bideford Hospital.

After I had a stroke in December I spent a week in hospital in Cornwall before being brought back to Bideford. It was when my recovery really began.

The staff in Elizabeth Ward were amazing, so kind and encouraging, and with their help and the great therapists I was gradually able to walk a little with aids and help and to do some of the personal care myself, like dressing and undressing. It’s amazing how difficult ordinary everyday tasks are when one arm and leg no longer work.

Eventually, after lots of help and when I was stable enough, the therapists who had been so kind and helpful allowed me to return home.

It had been arranged for all sorts of aids to assist us, such as walking frames and grab rails, and even aftercare where therapists visit the home several times a week to give me exercises to help improve my limbs – all this from the NHS.

This is a wonderful service and anyone who needs this help in this area is indeed fortunate to have this, and I cannot thank the entire staff of the Elizabeth Ward enough – including the non-medical team who served our meals and cleaned the ward.

The love, encouragement, patience and help was truly amazing and they deserve the highest recognition. We are truly fortunate to have this wonderful facility in Bideford.

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Hopefully you will not need it, but if you or a family member does, take full advantage.

I am continuing to make progress at home, helped by my dearest husband, who not only takes care of me but has taken on all my household chores, cooking, washing, shopping, etc, and feeding the birds.

Without all these wonderful people I could not be attempting to type this today, even if there are some mistakes as my left hand is still not quite up to speed yet.

Marilyn Jobson-Scott


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