A waste of £3,000

Three thousand pounds for a chain link to wear around the councillor’s neck – when everyone is suffering and short of money? (“Solid gold hypocrisy”, Opinion, January 9).

Expensive shops in Bideford, and typical of the local council, staffed by people with money, and they go and do this on top of all the wastage of last year.

Like the old bridge being surfaced and later having to be redone; the traffic bollards over West-the-Water all new and on this side all bent and battered (could have been done for £3,000).

About the wharf here, where the Kathleen May was berthed – why not turn it into studios for the local artists at reasonable costs to rent (put the £3,000 towards it).

All the things you could do with the £3,000 – and that the councils have wasted here in Bideford.

Meanwhile, people keep going on about the site opposite the Atlantic Village, about wildlife and the green land loss. But surely the jobs are needed, so why not somewhere else, such as the old Grenville College site?

Knock the school down as, at the moment, it is just simply fenced off with no trees to knock down, no wildlife to disturb, no hazardous ground to test, and it is closer to the town.

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Now, Tantons is closed and no one knows when or if it will open again, the campus lodges could be made into nice houses for rent to the public.

But, then again, the council only worry about themselves, not the people of Bideford.

J Paddon


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