A Valentine’s ode


Heart - Credit: Archant

My Valentine Flower

She’s like an ageing summer flower

With a never ending bloom

Her fragrance and her presence

Never fails to fill a room.

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No faded petals or wilted broken stems

Just everlasting sunshine

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Like light from precious gems

She’s as fragile as a flower

With more blossoms by the years

But don’t let this flower fool you

There’s been sadness loss and tears

Surviving many storms, rain and burning sun

She’s standing proud with dignity

And we’ve grown now as one

I’m proud to be the earth

From where this flower grows

To nourish all this beauty

And help nature let it show

Let this flower bloom to lighten up my way

To guide me through the darkness

So we stay close together every precious day

Dedicated to my wife Jenny who gives me the reason for living.

Leonard Hill


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