A triple comment

SIR - I think that it’s bizarre and wrong that the general public, who cannot possibly gather enough information about the eligibility of the candidates, are asked to vote for new Police and Crime Commissioners.

Conversely, Ilfracombe town council, followed by North Devon Council alone, which is a small group of people, have got the power to pass planning consent for the erection of the giant Damien Hirst statue on Ilfracombes pier for the next 20 years.

Something so large, peculiar and sited in such a prominent position should have clearly been decided by referendum of the town’s people.

Having now seen the statue erected it appears very well engineered but I really think that it is desperately wrong in that place.

Further to this, I would like to congratulate Stephen Tindall for his excellent and wise letter in last week’s Gazette supporting wind farms. I am one that loves the beauty of the countryside in Devon but I also believe in eco friendly power generation.

We need to make the right choices now and not be so influenced by our greed that we mess up the climate for our children.

Robin Goodwin, Ilfracombe.

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