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I feel that I should bring to the notice of your many readers, especially in North Devon, where and what Burrow House is, and indeed what it does.

It is, as some of your readers know, a well established “home for the impoverished, crippled pensioners” isn’t it?


In fact it is a combined residential home for admittedly the older person who is in need of a bit of extra help with their lives.

But the main part is occupied by a very lively bunch of day clients, who in general need the odd day each week to provide additional support to enable them to continue living in their own homes.

We are all very well looked after by a splendid, caring set of “carers”, who are really our friends rather than just carers.

Excellent meals are provided each day, together with numerous cuppas and biscuits, etc.

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We are also a very happy bunch of people who all really appreciate how lucky we are to be provided with such a wonderful environment.

Transport to and from the day centre is provided for those who need it. For many it is the only day of the week when they actually get to chat with another human being.

Entertainment is provided by groups of singers, and other people who are only too willing to impart their particular knowledge to us all.

As well as all the above, a hairdresser, a shop trolley and lots of entertaining and educational games are played, with baths, etc, supervised for those who don’t’ have the real facilities at home.

All in all, the staff – from cooks to caretaker to carers to drivers – are a really caring bunch of people, who perhaps don’t receive the rewards from our town and surrounds which they so definitely deserve.

Please use it or lose it. After all, we are all going to be old some day and will undoubtedly need such splendid service so lovingly provided.

Terry Marriott

Chairman, Burrow House day centre clients


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