A seagull a day...

what an interesting article on page eight of the Gazette by Geoff Staddon (“Parrott and owl take on pigeons!”, July 11).

It showed an oversized replica of an owl used by Barnstaple Rotary Club to ward off unwanted feathered guests in the Rotary’s Barnstaple charity shop.

Previously the owl had been used to keep seagulls at bay, mounted on a boat in Ilfracombe harbour. Perhaps “Preggers” the statue will prove to be as useful!

They obviously need something to control the mess the seagulls make as they haven’t got a Captain Courage sitting on his bollard, as Bristol harbour had years ago, maintaining, as he did: “If you want to keep Britain tidy, you need to eat a seagull a day.”

By the way, the deadline for writing in to North Devon Council’s planning department is tomorrow (Thursday, July 26) to say “aye” or “nay” to Mr Hirst’s statue.

Also, does a donation to the people of Ilfracombe come without strings attached? No one seems to know.

S M Nutton

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