A plea for wisdom

To all Torridge councillors...

This is not an emotional rant, this is a heartfelt but reasoned appeal for wise decision-making regarding Torridge Marina (on many green fields at Knapp House, resulting in loss of trees, hedgerows salt marsh, coastal paths and polluting protected estuary waters).

The people of Northam, Appledore, Westward Ho! and Westleigh made their reasons very clear last time, (and numerous times before), even paying for a full-page feature in the paper.

There are many listed formal reasons in past applications as to why this land is protected from development. I just say to you all that this development would have an overbearing impact and change this semi-rural peninsula irrevocably.

This is not just another housing application, (there are so many), it is playing with the very essence of this corner of North Devon.

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It may be that a few people from elsewhere think it would be great to come here and zoom about in speedboats, oblivious to the peace and greenery which is what mainly draws tourists to this beautiful coast.

Local people would suffer from unbearable noise during seven years of construction and the peace and tranquillity of the river walks would be lost for ever.

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Don’t forget the threat to jobs and apprenticeships once the new residents start to complain about the noise at night.

Local people need affordable, well-built eco housing, with proper employment nearby; not buy-to-lets with no one responsible for maintenance. Oh yes, maintenance like dredging the unusable marina!

Please do not give in to this huge, damaging, permanent change to the home of your voters ... and future generations.

M Richards


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