Is there life after death and will a night at one of Britain's most haunted buildings, Chambercombe Manor provide a definitive answer? The North Devon Gazette's Amanda Tassell joined members of the public for a night of ghostly fun at Ilfracombe's most

Is there life after death and will a night at one of Britain's most haunted buildings, Chambercombe Manor provide a definitive answer?

The North Devon Gazette's Amanda Tassell joined members of the public for a night of ghostly fun at Ilfracombe's most famous residence.

A strong feeling of fear struck me when I stood in the old Tudor Room in Chambercombe Manor at 10pm on All Hallows' Eve.

The nearby cradle where a baby used to sleep remained still as 36 members of the public looked on in wonder as a man is supposedly possessed by a ghost.

It is not unusual for unexplained occurrences to be witnessed on a paranormal night at the ancient manor house.

People spent more than 10 hours in the dark roaming the grounds and investigating the history of the building that night and not everything that happened could be explained by logic.

Alan, a medium from Romford said he couldn't remember everything that happened in the house. As the witching hour approached, he was apparently transfigured and a spirit used him to communicate with the living.

It was not a pleasant scene to witness; Alan was shrouded in darkness as an unknown man spoke through him about a spirit called Simon.

Chris Holloway, the manor's medium calmly asked the spirit questions, but it was in no mood to answer and eventually, Chris was forced to bring Alan out of his trance.

Alan said: "I can't remember everything that happened because I was getting sensations from spirits. I could hear Chris trying to bring me out but I could not react to it."

Another person believed to experience transfiguration on the night was Roz Hewitt. She had her body "used" by a female servant who used to live in the manor.

During the experience in the Great Hall, as the temperature dropped, it was possible to see Roz's face change; it appeared to get thinner and longer. Even her hair seemed to change.

"That was the first time I had gone under that far," she said. "It was very bizarre. I could hear everyone around me but I could also hear this woman talking through me telling me what to say."

"I actually felt my face sink and change. I felt really cold. It was very emotional but it was not a bad thing. It was like I wanted to speak."

A tour of the house with medium Lesley Harris gave the confirmation I needed to believe spirits do dwell in Chambercombe Manor.

The Tudor Room, filled with oak furnishings may once have had Lady Jane Grey as one of its occupants, but it was not the history that was fascinating.

Chris instructed us to stand in a corner where a spirit was supposed to be dwelling. From the start, it felt uncomfortable to be in the room. A sense of unease and pressure grew in my chest, but when standing in the corner it felt as if someone was pushing me away.

The hidden room is the most famous part of the manor; it is here the body of Kate Wallace was meant to have been hidden for more than 50 years. The small room provokes a feeling of sadness and guilt.

Downstairs in the kitchen, I had my own spiritual experience. Stood in the centre of a circle, two ghost children were instructed by Lesley to hold my hands. A tingling began in my right hand, and then my left, as a pressure grew resembling that of a child's hand.

The children were soon told to play ring-a-ring-a-roses around me and a breeze engulfed me as the spirits whizzed around. It was hard not to giggle with the excitement felt in the room. Next, the children hugged my legs. It was a feeling like no other; the children were there I could feel them tightly gripping my legs but I couldn't see them.

The guests were soon taken around the grounds and to a separate cottage, where the mediums felt uneasy and sick. It was here that they told the crowds that the evil spirits live.

Back in the manor, it was time for table-tipping and glass moving, both of which many people doubt really work.

The glass moved towards me indicating a message from a spirit for me. Lesley asked for the spirit to confirm its initials and immediately it moved to the A and B matching those of my grandfather. The message he provided was private but only time will tell on whether his predication about my future comes true.

Glass moving provoked mixed responses from the members of the public; while some were pleased to talk to long-lost relatives, others were sceptical about the whole experience.

Dion from Ilfracombe was one of those to question its value: "I don't believe in glass moving at all. If I see a ghost I will change my mind - seeing is believing."

The table whizzed around the room, vibrating lightly with an air of anticipation. Chris asked the spirits believed to be responsible for the table's movement questions about their existence. A murdered female and an angry man were some one of those apparently causing the phenomenon.

The night ended with Chris attempting a transgression but it didn't all go to plan. Volunteer David was unable to go under as far as Chris had hoped and he apparently ended up roaming around in an unknown place full of fog.

David said: "Unfortunately it didn't work as well as last time, when I really did change into someone else. It is a very weird feeling when you go down; you're asleep but also awake."

Chambercombe Manor's paranormal nights attempt to provide an insight into the world of the dead. People can argue that a lot of it can be explained but the believers out there will take the experience as proof that life does go on after death.

I certainly did.