A crying shame

Where have all the flowers gone?

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dearie me

What is this frightful sight I see?

As I walk on I shake my head

Was this once a flower bed?

As I look close, yes, it was indeed

It’s now a home for trash and weed

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Everywhere I look it’s all the same

What a crying, crying, crying shame.

As I walk on, something to dispel my gloom

A superb laburnum in full bloom

That’s my only nice surprise

Is that a tear drop in my eyes?

I wonder is this all a scene

To turn our white town into green.

No money for park? Then please explain

Jubilee Square and mayor’s chain!

As I pass Charles Kingsley

I wonder what he would write

About his little white town

And its present plight.

D Martin


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