Veterans and members of the public were out in force on Saturday to mark the 70th anniversary of VJ Day.

The date, August 15th, marked the end of the Second World War in Japan and the Far East. The remembrance ceremonies at Rock Park in Barnstaple and Victoria Park in Bideford were organised by the Burma Star Association, for veterans who fought in Burma.

Their numbers are dwindling year-on-year - on Saturday, only five veterans, now all in their 90s, could make it to Rock Park.

One notable absentee was Alf Turner, who shares his birthday with VJ Day, due to illness.

94-year-old Victor Mark, who served in the Far East for the first battalion of the Devon regiment from 1943-46, said: "I'm very pleased to see such a good turnout.

"There's nothing more important than remembering this. As long as we can walk or crawl, we gave these guys a promise when we came home that we would never forget them and we wouldn't have it any other way.

"I can't describe what it was like. The Japs were the people that were never beaten and they were told to go to Burma and achieve total victory or stay there and die for the Emperor."