A Barnstaple not-for-profit energy group has celebrated saving over £1million in energy bills, efficiency measures and income for North Devon households.

361 Energy offers home energy efficiency visits, free of charge, and last year completed 500 home energy visits with its Save and Warm scheme, helping people save money and reduce their carbon footprint.

Gwen de Groot, 361 director, said: "We are thrilled 361 has been able to make such a difference to local people's lives and reduce their carbon footprint.

"In the last 12 months alone, our amazing residents have reduced carbon emissions by over 2,000 tonnes, that is the equivalent of over 200 peoples total carbon footprint."

North Devon MP Peter Heaton-Jones said: "361 Energy are doing vitally important work and they have my full support.

"They are not only helping North Devon residents to save money but, critically, are also reducing the carbon footprint of our area at this critical time for the environment."

361 Community Energy says its mission is to help northern Devon's community to 'take climate change action and rapidly reduce the region's carbon footprint in a hopeful, action-based and non-partisan way'.

The group says over 69% of residents in North Devon quality for a free energy visit.

Ms de Groot said: "Imagine what we could do if everyone in North Devon had a free energy efficiency visit. The numbers would be huge. We estimate local savings of over £50m and a reduction in CO2 emissions in North Devon of over 138,000 tonnes per year, the equivalent of nearly 15,000 peoples carbon footprint being wiped out."

Households signing up will receive a visit from an energy efficiency advisor. They will review energy usage, and give the household free energy-efficient light bulbs, radiator reflectors, draft excluders and other items to improve the home's efficiency.

They will also help households switch energy provider if needed, as well as helping them access funding for loft and cavity insulation, combi boilers and solar panels.

To sign up, search for '361 energy' on Google and sign up on the website, email info@361energy.org or telephone 01271 599361.